Professional Home Building and Remodeling Designations Make a Difference

With more time spent at home this past year, many people are thinking about buying or remodeling their home. Purchasing a new home or modernizing an existing home is an investment in time and money. A home builder or remodeler with a designation can ensure your working with a professional that is committed to staying up to date with the latest technology, building methods and business practices.

Throughout the month of March, the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) celebrates National Designation Month. Through NAHB, members of the residential construction industry can earn professional designations. A building professional with a designation has dedicated time to learn about a specific building area of interest.

For example, choosing a professional who has earned the Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS) designation ensures that your remodeler will know how to address common age-related barriers. They will modify your home so that you, or an elderly resident of your home, will be safe and comfortable. Common modifications include widening doors to accommodate wheelchairs or other mobility aids and installing shower bars to improve safety.

Another sought out designation by home owners is a Certified Green Professional (CGP). Experts with this designation are builders, remodelers and other industry professionals who have learned how to incorporate green and sustainable building principles into homes without driving up the cost of construction. CGPs are trained in design and construction practices to optimize energy efficiency, indoor and outdoor water conservation, improve indoor environmental quality, and select sustainable building products.

Professionals with remodeler designations offer years of experience, the right tools, a network of suppliers and subcontractors, and an in-depth understanding of legal regulations, cost estimating, scheduling, and the latest construction techniques and materials.

To find a professional home builder or remodeler with a designation visit your local association here.