Tips for Greening Your Home

Regular lawn maintenance is critical to boosting your home’s curb appeal. What about adding or caring for plants inside your home? Plants not only spruce up the interior of your home, they can improve your overall comfort. The U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) research found that including plants in your home can improve indoor air quality.

If you’re ready to add some verdant energy to your living space, below are tips and ideas to consider:

Select plants optimal for indoor growth. You don’t need a green thumb to improve your home décor. There are many varieties of plants conductive to staying alive and well in your home. Types of plants you should consider are: aloe, English ivy, rubber tree, ficus and areca palm. Your local nursery can provide more recommendations. Not all plants are pet friendly. Make sure to research the greenery you select before bringing it home.

Choose direct or indirect sun.  Most indoor houseplants work well in indirect light. Sun-soaking plants should be placed near a window. Sun is needed at least five hours a day. Plants are living things and are impacted by temperatures. When cooler weather season arrives, remember to move your plants further from the window or consider adding a sheer curtain.

Don’t worry about watering. Read care instructions carefully for recommendations on hydration. Most indoor plants die from overwatering. With too much water, the soil gets soggy and oxygen cannot reach the root of the plant. Yellowing plants are a sign you are watering too much.

Get creative with displays. There are endless ways to showcase plants in your home. If you prefer to group your indoor greenery think about the arrangement. Group plants in an odd number and select different sizes for an informal, inviting look. If you want your plant arrangement to stand out, incorporate a variety of leaf colors, textures and pots. Make sure the plants require the about the same amount of sun, so your group of greenery looks vibrant year round.

Create a plant maintenance kit.  Once you’ve found the ideal plants for your home, consider creating an indoor gardening toolkit. Keeping plants healthy and vibrant is easy when you have the right tools in an easily accessible spot. Tools may vary based on the types of plants you select. Basic items you should include are a hand fork, pruner, indoor watering can and transplanter.

For more information on how to connect with a builder in your area who will help you identify design ideas that are perfect for your home, contact your local association here.