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Watch Out for These Top Remodeler Red Flags

If you’re ready to refresh your home, consider hiring a professional remodeler. A professional remodeler ensures your home project is successfully completed with quality craftsmanship. There are qualified remodelers with many years of experience in our community. Unfortunately, whenever you hire someone for professional services, from mechanics to contractors, not all individuals operate with the highest level of standards or business integrity. Therefore, before hiring a professional remodeler, it’s always important to thoroughly vet them to avoid project headaches in the long run.

If you come across one or more of the following red flags, chances are you may be dealing with an unscrupulous contractor:

No Contracts

A professional remodeler will take the time to write a clearly written contract. The contract is an opportunity to review the scope of work, process, costs and helps clarify how problems will be managed. If the contractor you’re considering doesn’t offer contracts, hire someone else. You are not protected when something goes wrong if you don’t have a contract.

Requires Full Cash Payment Up Front

Shady contractors demand cash and then run with the money. As a result, many home owners are stranded if they pay in full upfront. A deposit towards materials is typical, but only pay it once you have a contract signed by both you and the contractor. It’s also suspect if the contractor request that you pay cash to a salesperson instead of a check or money order to the company.

The Numbers Don’t Add Up

Everyone must work within their budget for a home renovation. However, if you’ve found a contractor that offers pricing that is too good to be true, it probably is. The contractor may propose the best price, but that doesn’t guarantee the best work. Too good of a bargain may mean that the contractor may cut quality costs, which can cost you more when you must redo the substandard work. Some contractors use tactics like offering “special” pricing that is only applicable if you sign a contract today. Do not fall victim to these deceptive proposals.

Consumer References are Scarce

Professional contractors should have references they can provide from current and past clients — and you should be able to reach those references, not just an answering machine. Glowing references are abundant for professional remodelers because happy home owners enjoy sharing their good experiences and appreciation of their newly upgraded space. Ask to speak with previous clients and see photos of previous home remodels to get a sense of their customer relations practice and work style.

By being aware of these remodeler red flags, you will be able to hire an expert and enjoy the tangible benefits of high-quality craftsmanship for many years to come.  To find a professional remodeler in your area, contact your local association, here.