BRAGB – Webinar: AeroBarrier’s “Revolutionary Air Sealing Technology”

May 16, 2019 @ 12:00 pm – 12:45 pm

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AeroBarrier is a new innovative air sealing process that simultaneously measures and seals leaks in a building?s envelope allowing builders to ?dial in? the precise level of leakage and performance quickly and easily. It is ideal for builders; it is a cost-efficient and time-efficient way to economically improve home performance and consis tently meet new blower door requirements more cost-effectively than traditional air sealing methods. This webinar from Brendon Velasquez of Delta Enclosures will cover multiple topics on this air sealing technology, including:

  • The AeroBarrier Process
  • Benefits of Reduced Air Leakage
  • Challenges with the Current Envelope Sealing Process
  • Verified Results