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5 Steps for Designing the Perfect Laundry Room

Laundry is a chore but designing a functional space to clean your clothes doesn’t have to be. Kitchens and bathrooms are popular areas for improvement, but the laundry room shouldn’t be overlooked. No matter how big or small the space you have for a laundry room, with careful planning you can create the perfect laundry room for your home. Consider the following tips to help design a space that works for you.

Prioritize Your Needs. When designing any type of specialty room in your home, start by making a list of must-haves for your new space. Aside from appliances, do you need counter space for sorting or folding clothes? Will the room also serve as a mudroom or an extra storage spot in your home? A well-thought-out list of priorities can help you plan and budget accordingly.

Selecting the Right Location in Your Home. If you don’t have an existing space to renovate, finding the perfect spot to locate your laundry room is key. There are many considerations, such as redirecting your home’s utilities, airflow or drainage. A professional remodeler is familiar with the intricacies of creating a laundry room and has a firm grasp of the local regulations and permits for renovations. To find a local expert, the best place to start is by consulting our local association page here or the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) directory of professional remodelers

Plan for Appliances. The size and type of washer and dryer units are a major factor in determining the layout of your new laundry room. You’ll need to make sure you have some space around your units so they can be easily moved if the units need to be repaired. A professional remodeler can advise you on the amount of space needed to comfortably accommodate your appliances. A stackable washer and dryer might be an option if you need more space for a utility sink or storage. 

Determine Storage Solutions. The type of shelves or cabinets for your laundry room depends on the level of activity in your space. Start with the essentials, such as allocating space to store cleaning supplies or small appliances such as an iron or steamer. If you have small children or pets, you might want to factor in space that isn’t easily within reach of household cleaners. Will you need an area for air drying clothes? If so, you’ll need a storage solution for drying racks or hangers.

Personalize Your Space. After you’ve determined your location, storage, and appliance needs, you can start thinking about ways to make the area a space you can enjoy. When selecting materials for floors and counters, make sure they are durable and water-resistant to avoid mold or warping due to the amount of moisture or humidity exposure in the room. A few simple ways to add stylish elements to your laundry room are to incorporate new lighting fixtures, select attractive hardware for the cabinets, or purchase appliances in bold colors.

To find a remodeler to help you plan and design the perfect laundry room, click here.