Over the past year, the Association has saved its members an estimated average of $15,000 to $20,000 per housing unit by fending off unnecessary and burdensome laws, regulations and codes. This would not have been possible without the resources of the Public Policy Fund. That is why we are asking every member to make a contribution commensurate with his or her ability.

These donations will enable the Association to continue to:

  • Implement the rules and regulations that we have been fighting for;
  • Influence public opinion by promoting the need for housing;
  • Strengthen our influence by conducting research and retaining qualified experts to support our positions; and,
  • Build coalitions with other industries and associations to effect governmental action to promote increased housing production.

Help us gather the resources necessary to effectively advocate for you. For example, a contribution of $150 equals 41¢ per day in order to defend the homebuilding industry and protect your ability to earn a living and your business to thrive. Every contribution, no matter how large or small, counts.

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Public Policy Fund Contribution Levels

Public Policy Influencer

Public Policy Playmaker

Public Policy Rulemaker

Above and Beyond Fund

Individuals donating to above and beyond recognize the importance of a strong and fiscally viable State Association that works diligently to improve and maintain a positive image of the building and remodeling industry and to maintain constructive involvement in governmental affairs, advocating the position of the building industry on any matter relating to regulations or policy that affect building and home ownership in the Commonwealth.


Thank You to our Donors


Botany Bay
D.A. Baker Construction Co.
Dan Roulier Associates, Inc.
Deborah Paine Inc.
Gallo Builders Inc.
Gilbert G. Campbell
Hoover Realty Trust
Isreal Real Estate, Co
Leonard Electric Inc
M. Duffany Builders
McPhee Associates Inc
Richard Crowley
Stephen Dixon, Inc.
Thomas D. Silva DBA/Triple S. Construction
Trask Inc.
Twin Birch Development

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A. Murad, Builder, LLC
Allegiance Construction & Development
Lawrence Ardito
Botany Bay Construction Co Inc
Concord Lumber Corp
Connecticut Valley Artesian Well Co Inc
Crocker Enterprises Ltd
D.A. Baker Construction Company, Inc
David DeGiorgis
Deborah Paine Inc
Egremont Contractors LLC
Falconeiri Construction
Freeman Law Group LLC
H & R Homes Remodeling Inc
Hoover Realty Trust
Israel Real Estate Co
J&J Heating & Air Conditioning
Livingston Development Corp
M. Duffany Builders
Mason & Mason Insurance
McPhee Associates Inc.
Meisner Brem Corp
Northboro Septic Services, Inc
NorthStar Construction Services Corp
Poulin Woodworking
REEF Builders
RH Gallo Builders, Inc.
r.k. Miles Inc.
SAFCO Foam Insulation
Stello Construction Enterprises, Inc
Steven Phillips
Stonebridge Homes, Inc
Teddy Bear Pools and Spas
Triple S Construction
Twin Birch Development, LLC