Over the past year, the Association has saved its members an estimated average of $15,000 to $20,000 per housing unit by fending off unnecessary and burdensome laws, regulations and codes. This would not have been possible without the resources of the Public Policy Fund. That is why we are asking every member to make a contribution commensurate with his or her ability.

These donations will enable the Association to continue to:

  • Implement the rules and regulations that we have been fighting for;
  • Influence public opinion by promoting the need for housing;
  • Strengthen our influence by conducting research and retaining qualified experts to support our positions; and,
  • Build coalitions with other industries and associations to effect governmental action to promote increased housing production.

Help us gather the resources necessary to effectively advocate for you. For example, a contribution of $150 equals 41ยข per day in order to defend the homebuilding industry and protect your ability to earn a living and your business to thrive. Every contribution, no matter how large or small, counts.

Public Policy Fund Contribution Levels

Public Policy Influencer


Public Policy Playmaker


Public Policy Rulemaker


Climate and Housing

The State Association has been working with both the Wentworth Institute of Technology (WIT) and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to research cost increases and provide potential public policy solutions to mitigate those increased costs as a result of the MA Department of Energy Resources legislative requirement to promulgate a Net Zero stretch energy code.

The combined cost of the proposed study is $200,000. The study will serve to aid every one of our members, whether builder or associate, in insuring that homes can be constructed which buyers can afford and could have national implications.

Please consider the maximum donation you feel comfortable you and your company feel comfortable with.

A donation of $25,000 or more will qualify you as a co-sponsor to this important study and will give you a seat on the advisory committee.


2022 Public Policy Donors

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