State Committees

State Committees provide support to our Association so that we can continue to have a seat at the table when it comes to legislative, regulatory and code reform efforts. Our committees work to keep housing on the top of the legislature’s agenda and build positive working relationships with members of the Massachusetts legislature. All members are encouraged to provide critical feedback to the HBRAMA Governmental Affairs Committee on important issues that affect your business.

Government Affairs Committee

The Governmental Affairs Committee serves as the advocacy arm of  HBRAMA on legislative, regulatory and code matters affecting the homebuilding and remodeling industry. Through its efforts, HBRAMA has firmly established itself as a leading voice in the homebuilding and remodeling industry.

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Utilities Subcommittee

The Utilities Subcommittee was created out of the long-term frustrations of HBRAMA members in the delay, cost, and unpredictability of working with the states electrical and natural gas utility companies in connection with both new construction and remodeling.

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Building Codes and Standards Committee

The mission of the Building Codes and Standards Committee is to monitor and participate in the code development process and any code-related legislative efforts that pertain to the home building and remodeling industry.

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Wetlands and Water Resources Subcommittee

The Wetlands and Water Resources Subcommittee advocates for the reform and streamlining of federal, state and local regulations designed to advance housing production efforts, while at the same time, ensuring that a balanced approach is taken in the preservation of environmental quality.

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Zoning and Chapter 40B Subcommittee

The Zoning and Chapter 40B Subcommittee advocates for common sense improvements to the Commonwealth’s Comprehensive Permit Law, and to secure legislative changes to zoning which advance housing production throughout the Commonwealth.

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Finance Committee

The Finance Committee prepares the HBRAMA annual budget for review and approval by the Board. The Committee meets from time to time as deemed necessary or appropriate for the financial welfare of the Association.

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