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5 Trendy Ways to Update Your Bathroom

Although they serve a specific function, bathrooms don’t need to conform to a utilitarian design. If anything, this space benefits from personalization. From simple contemporary designs to chic, luxurious fixtures, today’s bathroom trends are about creating a relaxing personal retreat.

Merge the Indoors with the Outdoors.

Blurring the lines between inside and out can create the ultimate sanctuary. For example, ample windows or greenery can create an instant connection. Or take it one step further by placing one or more components — such as a tub, shower or sitting area — entirely outdoors.

Incorporate Harmonious Patterns and Textures.

Bringing in texture and merging different patterns and materials through tiles and natural materials can help bring your bathroom space to life. Creative use of oversized tiles and mixing patterns — made easier with today’s high-tech technology — can result in stunning spaces that can be both exhilarating and serene.

Blend Cool and Warm Colors.

Warm shades make a comeback and can be mixed with cool colors such as blue to create harmony. You don’t have to rely purely on paint either: Wood textures work here, too, to infuse warmth and natural elements into your bathroom. Contrasting shades of white with black is expected to catch on this year.

Install Standout Fixtures.

Freestanding tubs are as eye-catching as they are comfortable and can serve as a great focal point for any bathroom space to give it a lavish and sleek look.
Don’t have the space? For a different spa-like setup, incorporate two or more showerheads in your shower to provide different water flow experiences. Multiple showerheads can also be a low-cost upgrade for increased relaxation.

Incorporate Futuristic Technology

From touchless, self-cleaning toilets to leak detectors, floor heating systems to interactive LED mirrors, and fixtures that can control water flow and temperature, a smart device is available to connect your whole bathroom. Select the features that are most important to you to create a top-notch luxury experience for your bathroom retreat.

For more information about home design trends, contact your local association, here.