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5 Ways to Design Your Home on a Budget

Spring is synonymous with home cleaning, but what about summertime? Home owners can use the long days, usually bright and full of sunlight, to redesign their living space. There are countless ways to approach a home design refresh. “Less is more” minimalism is a design trend that can help homes look nice with minimal intervention. Minimalism is a low-cost approach to revitalizing your space and can be incorporated into any home design style.

Consider these five simple ways to capture the essence of minimalist design.

Add Plants and Greenery. Bringing the outdoors in is growing in popularity. If you do not have any plants inside your home, consider adding a couple to give your space a natural feel. Low-light plants such as ferns, snake or spider will thrive in rooms with natural light. Snake plants and succulents are drought tolerant, so if you only water them occasionally, they will still look lush in your home. Experts recommend grouping plants with varied sizes and textures for a dramatic greenery effect.

Bring in Light. Sunlight is a no-cost, natural way to enhance the interior space. However, if the space does not have substantive exposure to sunlight, try combining it with artificial light elements. Lighting up the area makes it more cheerful and removes a gloomy feel. Combining artificial and natural light can make any space look bigger and more welcoming.

Create an Organized Space. Minimalistic designs often encompass well-organized spaces. To create a stress-free space, ensure it is clean and well-organized. Experts often recommend focusing on cluttered rooms or tiny areas to avoid feeling overwhelmed. To help manage what stays and what you should move to a different place, sort items by type and then put them away.

Tell a Story. Minimalism tends to be simple yet adding a handful of personal touches into any space can make it burst with life while reflecting the real personality of the user.

Hang Art or Statement Pieces. Bold colors or textures of a statement piece can draw attention to any space. You do not have to be an art aficionado to elevate your space. Simply choosing something personal that speaks to you and your style can add the final addition to your home design. If you are searching for an art alternative, consider adding a mirror. This functional piece can add the illusion of a bigger space.

For more information about home design trends, contact your local association, here.