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Celebrating the Rich Tradition of Log Homes

During the pandemic, many home buyers and home owners spent time reimagining their living space. If you started dreaming about buying and building a log or timber home, you are not alone. More people live in these modern, rustic residences than in any time in history. The warmth of wood, the solid construction and that powerful connection to nature, all add up to a feeling of safety and sanctuary that many of us crave in today’s uncertain world.

There are several reasons why log homes are attractive for today’s home buyer. Modern log and timber homes can easily meet or exceed the performance of conventional construction. Log homes have a faster construction time and less labor costs when compared to conventional construction. And, today’s modern log and timber homes do not require any more maintenance than conventional homes. 

Finding the right building professional to turn your dream of log and timber home living into a reality takes time and research. The Log and Timber Homes Council (LTHC) of the National Association of Home Builders is a great place to start. The council has adopted membership requirements that protect consumers during the buying and building process. All LTHC members follow specific standards and a uniform code of ethics, and each member stays abreast of new technology with the end goal of ensuring customer satisfaction and a quality product. 

LTHC members celebrate log homes during National Log Homes Month in July, through online education sessions, virtual tours and in person events. This is a great opportunity to see first-hand all of the benefits of log homes and if log home living is right for you.

Visit to find all the answers you need to make your dream of log or timber homeownership a reality. When you’re ready to build your dream log home, contact your local association here to find a log home builder near you.