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Explore the Many Benefits of New Homes

Many Americans are ready to buy a new place, after spending more time at home this past year. According to a recent survey by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), 60 percent of buyers prefer new homes, the highest level since 2007. In April, NAHB celebrates New Homes Month and the many benefits of purchasing a new home. Modern designs, less maintenance and energy efficiency top the benefits list, especially as we ask our homes to do more.

New homes offer modern floor plans and designs to optimize space and comfort at home. Buyers have the option to select large open areas to accommodate any lifestyle or growing family. Many new homes have the type of spaciousness that are not typically found in older homes. Modern designs are not limited to flexible spaces. New homes are equipped with the latest technological features and appliances.

Another benefit of purchasing a new home is the energy efficient options available. Many builders have embraced green building techniques, so a home is cost-effective to operate, has healthy indoor air quality and has a minimal impact on environmental resources. NAHB recently surveyed more than 3,000 home buyers, both recent and prospective, on the types of features they prefer to have in their home, including eco-friendly components and designs. Some of the top features desired by home buyers include ENERGY STAR-rated windows and appliances and efficient lighting that uses less energy than traditional bulbs.

Not only can a new home save you money on utility bills, you can save on home maintenance costs. Professional home builders construct quality homes that are built to last. The headache of managing costly repairs can be avoided for many years. New home buyers do not have to hassle with trying to figure out which appliance will need to be replaced soon. With a new home, upgrades and remodels are not in the immediate future, so you can focus on settling into your new home, enjoying your new community and embracing your part in achieving the American Dream.

For information on the benefits of new homes, visit your local home builder’s association your local association here.