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Get Your Home in Shape for Summer

The beginning of summer is a great opportunity to refresh your home. Simple home improvements made now can help you avoid significant repairs and costly utility bills later. Below are some tips to get your home in shape for summer inside and out.

Temperature Check: Installing a programmable thermostat can help you save on heating and cooling costs. This device allows you to customize your indoor temperature throughout the day, which could lead to utility bill savings. Installing ceiling fans are another way to provide energy-efficient cooling and comfort during the dog days of summer.

HVAC Tune-up: Check the condition of your air conditioner and replace your filter. It can be challenging to find an available contractor to repair your HVAC in the middle of the summer. If your air conditioner in is good shape, you may want to add curtains, shades or blinds to windows help keep your home cool by blocking out the sun’s intense rays, which can warm your home’s interior.

Replace Windows: New windows can also increase your energy efficiency and provide a return on investment. If old windows are replaced now, the new ones will help prevent heat loss during the winter months and provide more indoor comfort. If you already have new windows, cleaning them will help refresh your home’s exterior.

Pressure Wash: A thorough exterior cleaning can help your home shine. Winter and spring storms can cause debris and dirt to build up on the exterior of your home. Pressure wash to remove dirt, mildew and unwelcomed residue. Walkways and decks are the most common areas that need attention.

Landscape: Planting trees and pruning shrubs can brighten the exterior of your home. Before the heat of the summer takes over your lawn, check the condition of your sprinklers and garden irrigation for optimal use.

Inspect and Clean Your Dryer Vents: Dryer vents get clogged with lint, which can keep your dryer from functioning well. If your vents are not clean, not only will it take longer for your clothes to dry, your utility bill may increase along with the risk of a house fire. A professional can inspect and clean your vent and ensure your exhaust system is working properly.