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Simple Ways to Transform Your Home Office

Is working for home a trend, or is it here to stay? According to a recent nationwide poll by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), 30% of American adults work from home at least two days a week. In response, home owners are seizing the opportunity to reorganize their space to make it more functional, enjoyable and productive during the workday.

If you already have a designated home office space, there are many simple ways to set up your area to boost your productivity. For example, experts recommend adding greenery. Plants are not only decorative but they also generally make people happy. Incorporating common housing plants such as spider, snake or ferns is an effortless way to bring the outdoors in.

Another way to increase comfort in your existing space is to reduce factors that contribute to physical discomfort. In general, spending a full day sitting at your desk without an ergonomic setup can lead to back, neck or wrist strain. An ergonomic workspace is designed to increase comfort and efficiency. To help you stay comfortable in your home office, make sure your computer monitor is at least an arm’s length away. And experts recommend utilizing a desk chair with an adjustable height so that your knees support your spine.

Reducing strain through an ergonomic setup and adding greenery is a start, but there are additional ways to enhance your home office. You can exponentially transform your space with a budget for significant improvements. Lighting is one area that is often overlooked. Floor and desk lamps can brighten up your workspace, but a mix of natural and artificial lights is preferred in most home office settings. If your home office space doesn’t have a natural light source, adding a window to your home office to potentially boost your mood and productivity.

Another option that requires some design work is adding built-in shelving units. An unkept workstation can be distracting and reduce your productivity if you spend time trying to look for items in and around your desk. The cost of built-in cabinets depends on the materials used, the space’s size and the design’s complexity. Still, because built-ins often negate the need to purchase particular furniture, they can be economical.  Given the variety of styles, finishes and uses, built-ins can be a smart storage solution for your home office.

Adding a window, storage solutions or a splash of color on the walls to liven up your home office can be done with the help of a professional remodeler. A qualified contractor can recommend the best approach to elevate your work from home space, help you stay on budget and provide a high-quality service. To find a professional remodeler to transform your home office, contact your local association, here.