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Tips for Living in Your Home During a Kitchen Remodel

Kitchens are the heart of the home. Taking steps to refresh and update a kitchen with a remodel can make for a more enjoyable place to cook and entertain. A kitchen remodel does pose a unique but temporary challenge. With your cooktop, sink and oven out of commission, you’ll have to get creative and find a different space to prepare meals at home. However, with careful planning and open communication with your remodeler, you will be able to endure the temporary inconvenience until your dream kitchen is completed.

Set up a Temporary Kitchen Space

Dining at restaurants or picking up meals to go are common solutions when your kitchen is unavailable for cooking. However, you’ll be incurring an additional expense and may want to prepare a meal at home at some point during the remodel. The best way to ensure you have a space to assemble a meal is to set up a temporary kitchen. When selecting a space for a temporary kitchen try to find an area in your home with hardwood floors for easy cleanup, room for storage, outlets for small appliances and a water source for cleaning and meal prep. A garage, utility room or spare bedroom with an en-suite bathroom are suitable alternatives. For counter space, a folding table can provide the additional surface area you need.

Stock Up on Essential Kitchen Items

While your kitchen is undergoing renovations, chances are you won’t be making complex meals or entertaining family and friends for dinner. Set aside only the small appliances and tableware you need for basic meal prep. Another option is to invest in disposable cutlery, cups and dishes to help you cut down on dishwashing. A toaster, coffee maker, microwave, crockpot or kettle are a few of the useful appliances to have on hand that don’t take up too much space. If you don’t have a small refrigerator to install in your temporary kitchen, ask your contractor to help you relocate your current refrigerator to an easily accessible spot. If weather permits, utilizing an outdoor grill is an alternative meal prep solution.

Manage Dust and Disruptions

A professional remodeler has experience advising clients on the best way to live comfortably in their homes during a kitchen remodel. Before the renovation is underway, asking your contractor about mitigating dust and managing noise levels. Make sure any personal items in your kitchen are packed away and safely stored in another location away from the renovation. Don’t forget about your pets. If you have a work crew in your home, plan a safe space for your pets away from the remodel to avoid accidents and disruptions.