Wetlands and Water Resources Subcommittee

Streamlining Federal, State and Local Regulations

By November 13, 2018 No Comments

The Wetlands and Water Resources Subcommittee advocates for the reform and streamlining of federal, state and local regulations designed to advance housing production efforts, while at the same time, ensuring that a balanced approach is taken in the preservation of environmental quality. Over the past several years, the Subcommittee has successfully advocated on a number of important fronts. For example, the Subcommittee has:

  • Successfully thwarted the efforts of the US Army Corps of Engineers to impose an arbitrary and expansive 750-foot development setback from wetland resources areas under the recently re-issued Massachusetts General Permit;
  • Joined the National Association of Homebuilders in legal action against the US Environmental Protection Agency to oppose regulatory changes to the federal MS4 stormwater program which would have imposed costly changes on both the real estate industry and municipalities;
  • Led efforts to advocate for State Title 5 regulatory reform which promises to lead to meaningful changes in design standards and modifications in septic system design flow so that larger housing developments do not have to build costly wastewater treatment plants, all in an effort to promote housing production.

Wetlands and Water Resources Subcommittee Chair:
Jeffrey A. Brem, P.E., President, Meisner Brem Corporation