Government Affairs Committee

A Leading Voice in the Homebuilding and Remodeling Industry

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The Association’s Governmental Affairs Committee serves as the advocacy arm of the Home Builders and Remodelers Association of Massachusetts (HBRAMA) on legislative, regulatory and code matters affecting the homebuilding and remodeling industry. Through the efforts of the Committee and its Association lobbyists, Lynch & Fierro P.C., the HBRAMA has firmly established itself as a leading voice in the homebuilding and remodeling industry, and is a well-known and respected advocate for the housing and real estate industry throughout Massachusetts. Members of the Committee, all of whom are volunteer experts in their field, work to:

  • Shape and influence housing and real estate industry policy and regulations at the federal, state and local levels;
  • Advocate for balanced legislation which promotes the homebuilding industry as an economic engine of the economy;
  • Educate our legislators and other state officials and agencies on issues impacting the housing and real estate industries;
  • Inform our members about the constantly evolving federal, state and local legislative, regulatory, and code issues that may impact the homebuilding industry;
  • Work to simplify the regulatory process, preserve and protect property rights, and advance the home building, remodeling and real estate industry in order to meet the housing needs of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and its residents.

Through its Governmental Affairs Committee, the HBRAMA has saved its members thousands of dollars by fending off countless legislative efforts which impede the affordable production of housing, by advancing regulatory efforts to streamline state regulations, and by participating in code development in order simplify and maintain affordability in the building and remodeling process.

Government Affairs Committee Chair:
John T. Smolak, Esq., Smolak & Vaughan LLP

The Governmental Affairs Committee works in conjunction with its four subcommittees supported by volunteer member experts on a whole range of issues impacting the homebuilding and remodeling industry. These four subcommittees include:

  • Zoning and Chapter 40B Subcommittee
  • Wetlands and Water Resources Subcommittee
  • Utilities Subcommittee
  • Building and Energy Codes & Standards Subcommittee

The HBRAMA’s Governmental Affairs Committee, through its efforts and the efforts of its dedicated volunteer member subcommittees, has worked tirelessly to advocate for common sense reform of laws and regulations affecting the homebuilding and remodeling industries, and continues to work to protect the building and developing environment from the negative impacts of countless legislative, regulatory and code reform efforts.