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HBRAMA Receives Grant from NAHB

By July 1, 2021No Comments

HBRAMA on behalf of the Net Zero Subcommittee applied for $20,000 in funding from the NAHB State and Local Issues Fund to aid the subcommittee in working with the state Department of Energy Resources as it seek to craft a new stretch energy code that includes, but is not limited to, net-zero building performance standards and a definition of net zero. These funds will be used to hire professionals versed in net-zero standards.

HBRAMA will undertake a cost analysis of the new promulgated code as well as propose financial offsets to any new code mandates such as tax incentives, rebates or density bonuses. The NAHB State and Local Government Affairs Committee at their virtual Spring Leadership Meeting which took place June 14-18 found that the climate change legislation recently adopted by Massachusetts carried a national significance and believes HBRAMA was uniquely positioned to influence the final outcome of the legislation as relates to housing affordability.